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Client Testimonials
On this page we aim to add feedback received from our clients with regards work carried out or ongoing with them.  These are real comments from actual clients. 


"Since we started using Debra’s services things have become a lot clearer in the running of the company. She has been wonderful so far. Nothing is too much for her and she answers all our questions promptly and accurately.  If there are documents that we have needed to fill out, she has met us in person and alleviated any stress regarding completing them. 


Meeting Debra has made a huge difference with our bookkeeping problems.  I have struggled with bookkeeping in the past and the spread sheets that she has provided for data collection have made things much easier to manage and to understand what is going on."


William Miller


Extra Set Of Hands



Testimonial for Debra Anderson, Bluejay Office Services

In the short time that Debra has been supplying services to PCR, she has managed to not only take over from her predecessor, but dramatically improve the output from the role. Debra has been keen to take on more and more roles and responsibilities, reducing the pressure from myself and other team members involved around her role. Her credit control results have also been fantastic and Debra’s bright personality shines in the office when she arrives every Tuesday.

I would highly recommend Debra to anyone that requires the services she offers.

Kind Regards,

Nick Cohen

Managing Director




Debby at Bluejay office Services is great!.... knows everything about starting up a new business...etc........She really knows her stuff...and explains everything in such a way that even I can understand.............A BIG THANK YOU to Debby


Testimonial for Bluejay Office Services
A&J Properties Property Investment and Management
Its ten years since I purchased my first investment property, I love dealing with the property side of things but as for accounts? I hate it! Each year it has been a complete chore getting the accounts prepared and passed to my accountant. The longer I put it off, the more stressed I felt! Until one day last year I attended a networking event and met Debby! We had a chat and I decided to let her sort out my accounts, as easy as that! And I wish I had done it years ago! For a very reasonable charge, Debby took over all the hassle, created a unique spreadsheet for my business needs and hey presto, it was done! Painless!
I cant believe how it felt to have that responsibility removed from my shoulders! All the months spent each year thinking about doing the accounts, worrying about not doing the accounts! I must have been insane not to have taken this step before!
So thank you Debby for relieving me of all that stress and worry!
Debby is so very easy to deal with, she understand immediately where the issues lie and has a solution in mind before the end of the first consultation. I would highly recommend her services, no matter what your are of business! Shes got it covered!
Big thank you Bluejay!
Anne Nelson